Section III: Battle Bank Description & Business Plan

Battle Bank has been formed to build a diversified financial services company that provides traditional, as well as innovative banking and lending products and services to customers nationwide. Battle Bank will engage with prospects and clients primarily through our integrated online financial portal, direct marketing, and other financial intermediaries. These channels will be connected by technology-driven centralized platforms. While other direct banks exist, this approach to banking remains relatively unique.

Alongside traditional deposit products such as our High Yield Cash Account and certificates of deposit, Battle Bank is also offering clients the opportunity to diversify their cash holdings through market-based FDIC-insured deposits. We offer money market and short-term CD deposits denominated in currencies outside the U.S. dollar and, periodically, we offer medium- term CD’s that will provide principal-protected access to market opportunities.

As a companion product to these market-based deposits, Battle Bank offers clients the opportunity to purchase, sell, take delivery of, and store non-FDIC insured precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

Battle Bank makes loans nationwide to consumers and businesses. As a national community bank, clients may approach us with a variety of credit requests. Battle Bank provides clients with the opportunity to obtain liquidity secured by precious metals that they own. Battle Bank makes other personal loans, some secured by residential real estate, and business loans that meet our credit standards and are of a character that we feel can be extended cost-effectively in a safe and sound manner.