Section V: Battle Bank Assessment Area

The Community Reinvestment Act requires every bank to delineate one or more assessment areas within which the bank’s record of helping to meet the credit needs of its community will be examined. The assessment area must include the geographies in which the bank has its main office, its branches and its deposit-taking ATMs (12 CFR 25.41(b)).

Because Battle Bank does not anticipate operating any physical branches or deposit-taking ATMs, the Bank delineates its assessment area Eagle County, Colorado, where it is headquartered. The Bank may also participate in community development activities outside of Eagle County that benefit its larger regional area up to and including the entire state of Colorado. For this plan, the Bank has elected to set its service goals based on a multiple of hours per full-time equivalent (FTE) employee based in or assigned to the AA or to the greater regional area. In compliance with 12 CFR 25.41 (e), the assessment area includes only whole geographies or political subdivisions (counties), does not reflect illegal discrimination, does not arbitrarily exclude low or moderate income areas, and generally may not extend substantially beyond a Metropolitan Statistical Area (“MSA”) boundary or beyond a state boundary unless the assessment area is located in a multi-state MSA.

Please see Appendix A for a map of the Assessment Area and the Census Tracts encompassed in the Assessment Area. Please also see Appendix B for selected demographic information about the Assessment Area.